Taking 5 minutes to talk to BBC Radio Sussex

My Radio Interview – 52 mins in.

Today was Time To Talk Day run by the charity Time To Change. I spent the day talking to people online, posting statuses on Facebook about mental illness and how to start up conversations about it, and speaking live on air to my local radio station. The link above is to my radio interview on BBC Radio Sussex and my section can be found 52 minutes in. I really had to challenge my anxiety to speak on the radio but it was something that I really wanted to do because I feel very strongly about speaking out about mental illness so that we can stop the stigma that surrounds it. It all went by in a bit of a blur but if it reaches one person and changes their mind about mental illness or encourages someone to talk about their experiences then it was totally worth it. I’ll be back to writing regular posts soon but just wanted to share this interview with you for the time being. If you haven’t already, please take 5 minutes to talk about mental illness, it’s so important and means people like me know that we have support around us.


  1. Well done for doing the radio interview. That would have totally freaked me out. My anxiety is quite bad right now though. It’s great that people are talking about it more. It’s something that I think is very important as well.


    1. Thanks so much for listening and commenting. It was pretty terrifying and I don’t remember anything I said but I just kept thinking that more people need to speak out and I’m happy to do that so why not to a larger audience?! I’m really glad I did it and will try to do more similar things in the future to keep raising awareness and reduce stigma. I hope your anxiety eases off a little very soon! xxx

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