Mental Health

These are all of my mental health posts in the order they were written from oldest to newest. I started my blog in November 2014 and it’s changed a lot since the start so the mental health posts are a little lost in between colouring reviews so here you will find my journey.

6 Snippets of Me

Four Types of Anxiety and How to Cure Them – What a Load of Bollocks!

A Day in the Life – 7th November

Mental Illness – The Next Generation

What Do You Do When the NHS Gives Up On You?

Ashamed of Being Mentally Ill? Not Me!

Afraid of Everything – Life With an Anxiety Disorder

Dear Psychiatrist

Christmas With Mental Illness

A New year, A New Start? Not Bloody Likely!

Medication Withdrawal

What’s Wrong With Your Eyebrows? – Trichotillomania!

Why I’ll be Taking 5 on Time to Talk Day

Taking 5 Minutes to Talk to BBC Radio Sussex

A Day in the Life – 10th February

15 Years of Trying to be Me with M.E

Fighting For Small Victories

Depression – Living a Life in Darkness

One Year on – One Year of Fear

A Bad Week to Have Depression

Physical Illness vs. Mental Illness – Why You Should be Outraged

Keep Calm and Colour In

A Day in the Life – 10th May

Now You See M.E

How to Cope With Being Housebound – 8 Tips From a 14-Monther

You Wait 15 Months for a Diagnosis and then Three and a Half Come Along at Once

Crisis – Drowning and Trying Not to Sink Any Lower

Anxiety and Depression: Eat Your Way to Better Health – A Recipe Book Review

Fighting an Invisible Fight

Dignity and Respect – Being Treated Like a Human Being (World Mental Health Day)

Living My Life Online: One Year Of Blogging

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

50 Words to My 15-Year-Old Self

Time to Talk Day – 2016

10 Ways to Help Your Mentally Ill Child

Relieved …. I Think

Two Years On – Two Years of Trying

One Year of Reviewing – A Review

“The Craze for Adult Colouring Books Shows How We’ve All Become Infants” – A Response from an adult colourer 

Things I Should Have Said

Stigma: My Dirty Little Secret

Why I Need to Stop Apologising

Things I Wish You Knew

It’s the Little Things

Guest Post: Words


One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back

Just Do It.

3 Years On, 3 Years of Managing

I’m Not Okay

World Mental Health Day 2017

So, When Are You Having Kids?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – What it’s like to live with

Hello! My First Video in Front of the Camera! – Video Post

A Day with Depression – Video Post

Unsolicited Advice – Video Post

How to Talk to Someone Who’s Feeling Suicidal – Video Post

Photography for Agoraphobia: Photobook 1 – Video Post

Confidence and Capability – Video Post

Time to Talk Day 2018 – Video Post

Confidence Crisis

Health Anxiety

Bravery, Pride and Cervical Smear Tests

Four Years On, Four Years of Frustration

Radio Interview about Anxiety with BBC Radio 5 Live

Letter to Myself 10 Years Ago – Age 27 and a Half

Dear Psychiatrist – July 2018

Update – Insomnia, Trichotillomania, IBS and Anxiety (27.08.18) – Video Post

Coping with Unexpected Things – What Happens When You’re Mentally Ill? – Video Post

Considering Self-Harm? Here’s What You Need to Know First.

Insomnia and Mental Illness: Its Impact and Effects – Video Post

Finding the Words

Five Years On – Five Years Of…..

Update – Caring for Relatives, Life Changes and More (1st May 2019) – Video Post

Random Mood Drops


New Year Update – January 2020

6 Years’ Agoraphobic – Coping with Social Distancing, Self-Isolation and Being Housebound: Advice for COVID-19, Anxiety and Beyond

Let Down in Lockdown

Update – September 2020

Why it’s Not OK Not to be OK – World Mental Health Day 2020

Day-to-Day Life With Anxiety

Applying For Benefits – My Experience

Update – Relatives, Death, Lockdown and More (21/03/21) – Video Post

Seven Years On – Seven Years of Changing and Staying the Same

A Bad Day With Anxiety (06/04/21) – Video Post

Mental Health Awareness Week – Awareness is No Longer Enough

Excluded for Being Mentally Ill

Update – Mental Health Blog Awards, Anxiety and Physical Health (18/10/21) – Video Post

Why Mentally Ill Children Become Mentally Ill Adults – Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

Eight Years On – Eight Years of Anniversaries

Update – Anxiety and Therapy (23/04/22) – Video Post

Update – MHBlog Awards, Therapy, and Exhaustion (30/05/22) – Video Post

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