Media Appearances

If you work for the media and would like to interview me then please enter your details here and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  Comment on recent events – 28th October 2021 – Interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, skip to 07.33 for discussion start and 15.01 for my section – 29th May 2018 – Written Interview for the Huffington Post – 20th October 2017 – Interview with BBC Radio 4 for You and Yours, skip to 00.43 for a snippet and 09.19 for the full interview – 9th October 2017

“The Craze for Adult Colouring Books Shows How We’ve All Become Infants” – A Response from an adult colourer – Technically not an appearance as this is on my own blog – 11th May 2016 – Written Interview with Amelia’s Magazine – 7th April 2016 – Written interview with Colour With Claire blog – 26th February 2016 – Radio Interview about mental health – Skip to 41.40 for my section – 4th February 2016 – 14th January 2016 – TV interview for TRT World – Skip to 3mins in for my section – 23rd November 2015 – Radio Interview – Skip to 1hr 39mins and 50s for my section – 7th October 2015 – 12th August 2015 – 25th July 2015 – 26th June 2015

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