Media Appearances

If you work for the media and would like to interview me then please enter your details here and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. – Interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, skip to 07.33 for discussion start and 15.01 for my section – 29th May 2018 – Written Interview for the Huffington Post – 20th October 2017 – Interview with BBC Radio 4 for You and Yours, skip to 00.43 for a snippet and 09.19 for the full interview – 9th October 2017

“The Craze for Adult Colouring Books Shows How We’ve All Become Infants” – A Response from an adult colourer – Technically not an appearance as this is on my own blog – 11th May 2016 – Written Interview with Amelia’s Magazine – 7th April 2016 – Written interview with Colour With Claire blog – 26th February 2016 – Radio Interview about mental health – Skip to 41.40 for my section – 4th February 2016 – 14th January 2016 – TV interview for TRT World – Skip to 3mins in for my section – 23rd November 2015 – Radio Interview – Skip to 1hr 39mins and 50s for my section – 7th October 2015 – 12th August 2015 – 25th July 2015 – 26th June 2015

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