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Just Add Color: Botanicals and Mid-Century Modern Mania

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Just Add Color: Botanicals and Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Mania are published by Rockport, a sub-company of Quarto Publishing who kindly sent me copies to review. They are part of a large “Just Add Color” series which continues to be added to and already contains a huge variety of titles and themes including Carnival, Day of the Dead, Folk Art, and Circus . These books are soft-back with a normal thickness card cover, they are lightly glue-bound and the book can be fully opened to enable colouring of the full page but it doesn’t lie flat on a surface without being held. The images are printed one-sided onto beautiful, thick, heavyweight white paper (almost thick enough to be described as card) and the pages are perforated meaning they can be removed easily from the book before or after colouring. I coloured using Staedtler fibre-tips and experienced no bleed-through and only very slight bleeding when using various brands of fineliners but this isn’t an issue as the images are one-sided. The paper is very smooth with little texture meaning coloured pencils lay on even colour easily with little effort or need to change direction to fill in gaps. Each book contains 30 images created by one illustrator (different illustrators for each book in the series) which leads to a lovely cohesive image style within each book. Because each book is created by a different illustrator, the line thickness varies between books, but not within. The books are almost square in shape but smaller than the usual square-booked bestsellers. Each book varies in style and content so I have included sample images as well as a coloured page from each for you to see in the links below. In addition, I give a more detailed description of what each book contains and how your mental health may affect and be affected by the book.

Just Add Color: Botanicals – Review
Just Add Color: Botanicals – Buy it here

Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Mania – Review
Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Mania – Buy it here