Time to Talk Day

Radio Interview about Anxiety with BBC Radio 5 Live

Today I was woken up by a phonecall that I very nearly didn’t answer because I assumed it was a spam call. Luckily, my curiosity got the better of me and I picked up and was asked if I’d like to interviewed as part of a discussion about anxiety on BBC Radio 5 Live. I always jump at the chance to talk about mental health and raise awareness of these conditions so I agreed and you can hear my interview below. It’s available for 29 days.

Skip to 07.33 for the start of the discussion and 15.01 for my part.

Do let me know what you think!


Time To Talk Day – 2016

Today is Time To Talk Day, a day organised by the charity Time To Change to get people talking about mental health in order to end stigma and discrimination. I’ve done my bit and had my conversation about mental health Live on BBC Radio Sussex (I’m never one to shy away from the anxiety-provoking stuff)! Skip to 41.40 to hear me talking candidly about life with agoraphobia. Non-UK people may well not be able to listen, I’m working on getting a copy of it so that you can listen worldwide and will post it asap. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03ftnpx

Let’s all get the conversation started about mental health – ask if someone is ok, offer them a hot drink and a chat, send that email you’ve been putting off and remember that people with mental health problems are just like you, we’re people, we’re people who are suffering and by offering us support, you might just make our day more bearable, you might make us smile for the first time this week, you might just help us to see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and if nothing else, you’ll have shown us that someone cares about us and that means more than you’ll ever know!

Get the conversation started, it’s Time To Talk!

Taking 5 minutes to talk to BBC Radio Sussex

My Radio Interview – 52 mins in.

Today was Time To Talk Day run by the charity Time To Change. I spent the day talking to people online, posting statuses on Facebook about mental illness and how to start up conversations about it, and speaking live on air to my local radio station. The link above is to my radio interview on BBC Radio Sussex and my section can be found 52 minutes in. I really had to challenge my anxiety to speak on the radio but it was something that I really wanted to do because I feel very strongly about speaking out about mental illness so that we can stop the stigma that surrounds it. It all went by in a bit of a blur but if it reaches one person and changes their mind about mental illness or encourages someone to talk about their experiences then it was totally worth it. I’ll be back to writing regular posts soon but just wanted to share this interview with you for the time being. If you haven’t already, please take 5 minutes to talk about mental illness, it’s so important and means people like me know that we have support around us.

Why I’ll be taking 5 on Time to Talk Day

My name is Lucy and I have experienced depression for 8 years and anxiety causing me to be housebound for 10 months.

My mental illnesses have affected my life dramatically and led to voluntary hospitalisation when I was 17 and I’m currently housebound. These conditions have changed the course of my life and I now want to spend the rest of my life working to help others with mental illnesses to get treatment and feel supported. These conditions have put great strain on my relationship with my boyfriend and my relationships with family and relatives as many of them struggle to know how to behave around me and distance themselves because of this.

My greatest source of support has been my incredible boyfriend, mum, and a handful of friends who keep in touch with me no matter what and visit me and generally make me laugh and cheer me up. Without these few people in my life I’d be lost and would not be coping. Mental illness is really hard to deal with but it’s even worse if you’re alone.

My hope for the future is that mental illness will be viewed in the same way as physical illness and that we will no longer feel ashamed or judged and be able to talk freely and openly about our conditions and experiences. My biggest hope is that stigma will end!

I’m taking 5 on Time to Talk Day to talk about mental illness because we need to reduce stigma, tell our stories and increase understanding and awareness. I will be talking live on air to my local radio station, blogging and facebooking all day and answering any questions that get asked.

Why not take 5 minutes on the 5th of February and join me and hundreds of others to start a conversation about mental illness? It could just be the best thing you do and might lead to someone like me feeling heard and understood for the first time. It’s Time to Talk!

For more information on how to sign up and how to start your 5 minute conversation please see the websites below: