1. When I try to explain to sister Jess how I hate being manupulaitve when I dont mean to be and she says “I know” which releases me from so much potential judgement.

    When I cant move from the sofa for misery and my husband will unquestioningly make me dinner.

    When I I am on sensory overload and manic, uncontrollable and my husband will lie me on the floor or bed and lie on top of me so that the deep pressure experience will calm me down.

    When I say I dont want to be around anymore and Bradley reminds me that our relationship is worth living for.

    These are some.of the.little things that make life better for me.


    1. Thanks so much for commenting Rachie. Those are lovely little things and it really sounds like they make a difference to your life and make things a bit better and easier. I emailed you yesterday btw but it’s your old email address so let me know if you need me to send it somewhere different. Lots of love xxx


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