#OOTD (Outfit Of The Day): Fashion Flat Lay Colouring Book – A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.
#OOTD Colouring Book is published and kindly sent to me to review by Laurence King Publishing. This book is based on the hugely successful hashtag that has swept its way through Instagram and Twitter – #OOTD which stands for Outfit Of The Day where users lay out their day’s clothing on the floor or a pretty or striking background and upload it for all to see. This is a BIG thing with almost 96 million posts on Instagram alone! With that in mind, illustrator Laura Hickman decided to bring the insanely successful hashtag and theme to the colouring book world and create a book filled with themed flat lays for you to customise, spruce up and personalise. The book is 24cm square, paperback, with a pale pink flexible card cover, a striking black spine and copper coloured foiling, the insides of both covers are filled with black outlines of clothing which are fully colourable. The spine is glue and string-bound and therefore it’s very durable, none of the images enter the spine because they are each contained to one page and all have a small border around them so you’re able to colour the full image on each page. The illustrations are printed single-sided with a flat lay on the right side, on the opposite page is a small colourable design with a one or two-word description/title for the opposite illustration. The paper is bright white, lightly textured and medium/thick, water-based pens don’t bleed or shadow and pencils blend and shade beautifully on it. The images themselves are of a mixture of different outfits, garments, objects, and accessories. They include heaps of clothing from tops to jackets, jeans to bikinis, skirts to pyjamas and even a Christmas jumper! The accessories range from sunglasses to jewellery, hats to scarves, handbags to make-up and so much more! The objects are the most wide-ranging from fruit to phones, macarons to incense, pencils to flowers and even a retro Walkman and a French Bulldog, there’s heaps and heaps of content!

In terms of mental health, this book doesn’t have a lot of impact on it but it certainly won’t exacerbate any of your symptoms. The line thickness is consistent throughout with thin outlines and some spindly thin details and patterns. The intricacy and detail levels are fairly similar throughout though there is a bit of variance and mostly it’s a moderate level of detail with some more intricate parts dotted throughout. The images have very natural stopping points which is really helpful for those of you with fluctuating symptoms or concentration. You can easily colour one garment or a pair of shoes or the whole page if you’re feeling up to it. There’s huge scope for adding your own patterns or embellishments, making the items look really realistic, or creating your dream outfit, you can use any colours you fancy and really go all out with your colour schemes and mediums, it’ll suit pastels, pencils, pens, paints, gel pens, glitter, you name it, it’ll work on this subject matter. The images are very neutral and therefore won’t negatively affect your mood though if you’re a fashion-lover then I’m sure it may well cheer you up and get your imagination going.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book for fashion-lovers. It seems to be aimed at Instagram users, fashionistas, teenagers and the young at heart. It’s a good, fun book with heaps of stuff to colour, it might even inspire some outfit choices for you!

If you’d like to purchase a copy it’s available here:
Amazon UK – #OOTD Colouring Book
Book Depository Worldwide – http://www.bookdepository.com/Ootd-Laur-Hickman/9781780678696/?a_aid=colouringitmom

The image below was coloured using Stabilo 68 Fibre-Tip Pens.

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