Calming Colouring Flower Patterns: 80 Mindful Patterns to Colour In – A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.
Calming Colouring Flower Patterns: 80 Mindful Patterns to Colour In is published and kindly sent to me to review by Batsford Books. This book is 22cm square, paperback with a partially coloured floral pattern on the front cover. The spine is glue and stitch-bound so it’s sturdy and durable but a little difficult to get it to lie flat or get into the centre of each image, the majority of the images don’t enter the spine and with use it’ll ease up so this isn’t much of an issue. The paper is bright white, lightly textured and medium thickness, it faintly shadows with water-based pens but this will easily be covered by colouring the reverse image and there was no bleed-through; pencils work fairly well and a few layers can be built up. The book contains 80 images of flower patterns which are printed double-sided and are a mixture of single and double-page spreads. The illustrations are very cohesive and range from wallpaper-style images to full page floral images, repeating patterns to patterned strips, reverse black and white images to mandalas and more. The illustrations are quite samey and at points a little dull or basic compared to many of the colouring books we’ve been spoilt with but it’s great for zoning out and practicing your skills for some of the more advanced books.

In terms of mental health, this book is pretty good for distraction without being too taxing or strenuous. The images are natural and very floral and foliage-based, they’re fairly calming and easy to pick colours for and because of the repetition you can really focus on colouring each section and practising mindfulness so that you’re distracted from your thoughts and symptoms. The line thickness varies throughout from spindly thin to very thick and everything in between, most of the lines stay around the thin and medium range so the images are very colourable for people with even quite poor vision or fine motor control. The level of intricacy and detail also varies hugely throughout from very detailed to larger open spaces so this book would be ideal for people with fluctuating conditions or concentration levels. You can complete a small section or flower, or a full double-page spread and there are natural stopping points so it’s perfect for your good and bad days.

I would recommend this book for people who want an easy book to zone out with and use for distraction from thoughts whilst practising mindfulness and focusing on breathing. The images are fairly repetitive and a little samey but for the most part they’re pretty and fun to colour.

If you’d like to purchase a copy it’s available here:
Amazon UK – Calming Colouring Flower Patterns: 80 Mindful Patterns to Colour In
Book Depository Worldwide –

The image below was coloured using Stabilo 68 Fibre-Tips.

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