Romeo and Juliet: A Colouring Classic – A Review

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A Colouring Classic Romeo & Juliet was published and very kindly sent to me by Little Tiger Press. This book is one in a series with two titles publishing today (Romeo and Juliet, and Pride and Prejudice) and three more to publish later this year (links below). This book is 25cm square, the same size as most bestsellers, paperback with a thick but flexible card cover which unusually doesn’t have images printed on the inside of the dust flaps. The spine is glue and string bound and is fairly durable but does start to break if you’re particularly persistent with trying to flatten it. The images are printed double-sided and therefore a number of them do enter the spine a little which makes them tricky to colour. The paper is bright white, thick and lightly textured, I experienced no bleeding or shadowing with any of my water-based pens and I was able to get plenty of layers with my coloured pencils; alcohol markers will bleed through. The majority of the images are double-page spreads and a quote from the original book is printed onto each. The images themselves are arranged into chronological order to loosely tell the story and consist of a number of scenes, quotes, patterns and images depicting something mentioned in the displayed quote. There are images of Romeo and Juliet meeting, their coats of arms, the beautiful masked ball, masks, fireworks, and scenes of their deaths. At the end of the book is a beautiful double-page spread of The Apothecary’s Shelf depicting all manner of herbs and plants, as well as labels stating their names and uses, including the Monkshood that ultimately led to Romeo’s tragic death! These herbs and remedies are depicted throughout the book and are easily identifiable thanks to this wonderful key at the back.

In terms of mental health, this book is ideal if you’re a fan of the original story, and actually even if you’re not, it’s still beautiful to colour. The images are drawn in a consistent line thickness which remains thin, with spindly thin details throughout. There is a high level of intricacy and detail in many of the images though there are larger spaces in the images containing people, but mostly you’ll need fairly good vision and fine motor control in order to get the most out of this book. There isn’t a lot of leeway in the images to prevent you going over the lines or missing the details so do bear this in mind and check the suitability of the images below. The images are very pretty and quite fancy and floral throughout, they feel classic and indicative of the time period and are therefore very in keeping with the story. The quotes are chosen very well to be the most well remembered and to tell the story from beginning to end. The scenes depict the most crucial moments and are interspersed with beautiful images of objects, musical instruments, furniture and patterns that all fit well with the other imagery and the story itself. Some of the images are busier than others so there is a bit of variance in the amount of time it’ll take to complete each page but mostly they’ll take a good few hours to complete and are therefore most suited to good days where your concentration is high and you can focus well. These images are very distracting and will need you to pay a fair amount of attention so that you stay within the lines so it’s great for absorbing you into the task at hand and would be really good for practising mindfulness as you focus on the here and now. However, it’s equally good at transporting you off to a far off time and place where life was simpler and offers great escapism, especially if you’re a fan of the original book!

I would highly recommend this book to fans of Romeo and Juliet, the imagery is beautiful, the quotes are really well chosen and it’s a really wonderful way of combining a classic play with stunning illustrations that you can colour into your own bespoke book. You could even give a fully coloured copy to someone as a thoughtful and personalised gift, though with the amount of time it’d take to complete, it might be very difficult to part with your work!

If you’d like to purchase a copy of this book it’s available here:
Amazon UK – A Colouring Classic Romeo & Juliet
Book Depository Worldwide ––Juliet-William-Shakespeare-Reni-Metallinou-Bethan-Janine/9781848693272/?a_aid=colouringitmom

My review of Pride and Prejudice: A Colouring Classic can be read here. It can be purchased here:
Amazon UK – A Colouring Classic Pride & Prejudice
Book Depository Worldwide ––Prejudice-Jane-Austen-Chellie-Carroll/9781848693265/?a_aid=colouringitmom

You can pre-order the next three titles below:
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The image below was coloured using Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils.

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