The One and Only Elephant Parade Postcard Colouring Book – A Review

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The One and Only Elephant Parade Postcard Colouring Book (One and Only Colouring / One and Only Coloring) is published and was kindly sent to me to review by Phoenix Yard Books who have partnered with Elephant Parade. This book is a really unusual concept with 30, large-scale postcards being printed with designs taken from 30 of the Elephant Parade statues that have toured capital cities around the world in order to raise awareness and funds for the charity Elephant Parade who work on elephant conservation, this book is being sold in aid of this work. This book is much larger than most postcard books at 22 x 14.6cm. The book is paperback with a flexible card cover with a partially coloured design from inside, the spine is glue and string bound and is quite tight to begin with but it does break fairly easily and become flatter for easier colouring. The postcards are perforated and can be easily removed before or after colouring in order to send to friends and family or to be framed. The back of each postcard has space for a postage stamp, address lines and a full colour image of the elephant statue that the design has been taken from as well as the name of it and the artist’s name (the original statues have each been painted by a different artist or celebrity). The postcards are printed on bright white, medium thickness, bendy card which has a very slight tooth for pencils and didn’t bleed or shadow at all with water-based pens but it will bleed with alcohol markers so do bear that in mind when colouring to post them to others.

The images themselves are incredibly varied and at first, before reading about the content, I found this a really odd mix from elephant to cakes, pigs to trees, triangles to scenes and so much more. Once I read the backstory to the book and discovered the message behind them and the elephant statues they were based on, the whole book suddenly got much more cohesive and felt like it had a real purpose. Seeing the original elephants in the small pictures on the back of the postcards and in larger scale on the Elephant Parade website, really helped me to understand the images and also gave great inspiration for future colour schemes as you could easily copy the original, or create your own.

In terms of mental health, this book of postcards is ideal if you like variety. The images aren’t particularly cohesive, though variety does bind them together and the fairly high number of images which include elephants in one way or another. The line thickness varies throughout from a couple of spindly thin images to some much thicker medium and even thick lines so this book is most definitely suitable for all of you with fluctuating conditions. The levels of intricacy and detail also vary throughout from very detailed and intricate images filled with lots of teeny tiny sections to colour, all the way to much larger open spaced images and everything in between, this book really does encapsulate variety! Postcards are ideal for days when you’re feeling pretty poorly and can’t cope with a full book page but still want to finish your colouring in one sitting. Because these postcards are larger than normal, it makes them great for those who find normal postcards a little too fiddly to manoeuvre and colour and they require less concentration and effort than book pages do. The images are of all sorts of things and there’s sure to be something to suit everyone from food to animals, natural to the surreal and they’re definitely distracting for those days when your symptoms get a bit much to handle.

I would highly recommend these postcards to anyone who likes variety, colouring postcards, and who wants to do their bit to help elephants worldwide. This is a lovely book with some really lovely illustrations inspired by the Elephant Parade statues and it’s sure to brighten your day!

If you’d like to purchase a copy it’s available here:
Amazon UK – The One and Only Elephant Parade Postcard Colouring Book (One and Only Colouring / One and Only Coloring)
Book Depository Worldwide –

The image below was coloured using Stabilo 68 Fibre-tips.

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