Doodle Artist: Peaceful Patterns – A Review

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Annette Rand has kindly sent me a set of her newest three titles to run a UK Giveaway. If you are a UK resident and would like to be in with the chance of winning a copy of Peaceful Patterns, Pets, and Rabbits and Hares, then head over to my Facebook page and enter via the pinned post by 8pm on Sunday the 3rd of April.

Doodle Artist – Peaceful Patterns: A colouring book for grown ups is a lovely book illustrated and kindly sent to me by Annette Rand. This book is filled with 2 copies of 20 full-page images of patterns and they’re lovely! This paperback book is A4 size, with a portrait cover and a huge variety of patterns included within. The book is glue-bound so it’s a little difficult to get it to lie flat but the images are printed single-sided with a large border around them so none of the image is lost into the spine. What I really noticed about this book, apart from the lovely images, is the paper quality. Many self-published books are printed on thin paper that you can see half the proceeding images through. Not-so in Annette’s book, the paper is bright white and thick enough that my water-based fineliners didn’t bleed at all or chew up the paper in any way (they do shadow) so it was a joy to colour and would be perfect for pens or pencils and you could even use your sharpies or alcohol pens with a protective sheet behind so that the next image doesn’t get spoiled. The images are very cohesive and drawn in Annette’s signature style. They vary from mandalas to full page spreads and also include swirling designs that sprawl across the page. This book is more detailed than her other titles and a lot of the patterns will take you a number of hours to complete and are very well-suited to fineliners to really pick out the small sections and bring bright colour to the designs.

In terms of mental health, this book is lovely. It’s really calming and has various different levels of intricacy to suit your good and bad days. The line thickness is the same throughout and I would describe it as thin but not very thin (approximately fineliner thickness). The lines are crisp and accurate with no fuzziness, blurring or not quite joining up so this is a really professional looking book. The images are of patterns, as mentioned before, and the majority are swirling, curvy patterns with few, if any, sharp edges which really adds to the peaceful nature of them. Some of the patterns have larger open spaces to colour in blocks and others have intricate patterns covering them that create lots of small spaces for you to take your time over colouring in. The patterns can be coloured in any way you choose and this allows for calm, zoned out colouring that should really help you de-stress because there are no ‘wrong’ colours or ways of colouring. I find patterns are a great way of testing out colour schemes for other types of colouring page and they really give you a good feel for how colours work together. You will need fairly good concentration in order to enjoy this book because there is a lot of detail but this means it’s great for getting your teeth into and it’ll be fantastic for distracting you from difficult thoughts, or any mental or physical symptoms that are plaguing you.

I found this book really calming and relaxing. Patterns are very good for anxiety because they can be coloured in any colour schemes you fancy, you can just pick up a pen or pencil and colour random sections and just escape from your symptoms. The pictures are beautiful, there are no filler images and each has definitely earnt its right to be there and you could even cut them out once you’re done and frame them. The variation in levels of detail and intricacy means that as long as you have fairly good vision, you’ll be able to enjoy this book on your good and bad days and those of you with moderate to good fine motor control will definitely get a huge amount out of this book. The image below was coloured using Staedtler Triplus Fibre-Tip Pens.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of this book it’s available here:
Amazon UK – Doodle Artist – Peaceful Patterns: A colouring book for grown ups
Book Depository Worldwide –—Peaceful-Patterns-Annette-Rand/9781519609786/?a_aid=colouringitmom

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