Zoombook Colouring Notebook – A Review


The Zoombook Colouring Notebook is published and was kindly sent to me for review by Zoombook. Colouring notebooks and journals are becoming increasingly popular as people are wanting to combine their love of colouring with their desire to write, many people associate journaling or writing a diary with adding doodles but for those of us with no drawing or doodling talent, the colouring notebook solves the problem of wanting to be creative but not being able to draw. The Zoombook is 20cms square with an artificial leather hard cover and glue and stitch-bound pages, the spine is fairly tight so a little of some of the images is lost into it though most of the images are of objects in the centre of the page so these don’t enter the spine. The book contains 108 pages including 54 images, most of which are single-page designs and a few of which are double-page spreads and on the pages without images the paper is lined with a 1cm blank border all the way around. The book starts with a floral page where you can write your name, address, or purpose of the book on the few lines provided and then each subsequent double-page spread contains an image. The paper is bright white and medium thickness and I found that water-based fineliners shadowed heavily and did bleed through a little so I would stick to pencils both for colouring and for writing and avoid ballpoint pens or you’ll get lots of indentations marking your colouring surface. The paper is lightly textured making it perfect for blending and shading with pencils. The pages all have a coloured edging so that when the book is closed it has a beautiful colour all the way around it. These notebooks are available in a range of colours, currently 6 combinations, though 8 are pictured on the website, each one has a different coloured cover and paper edging and a beautiful dandelion style image is hand-pressed into the front cover with foiling that matches the page edging colour. My colour combination is dark teal with turquoise paper edging. The images themselves are really floral and girly and the images are the same in all of the different colour combinations so you are free to pick your favourite colour, rather than your favourite images. The illustrations have varied content all filled with floral patterns and leaves and mostly contain an object of some kind including various musical instruments, a wheelbarrow, a telephone, food, cutlery and cooking utensils, feminine objects like perfume bottles and fans, gloves, hats and dresses, it’s full to the brim with flowers and prettiness.

In terms of mental health, this colouring notebook would be ideal for those who journal and like to write down their thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas and who also love to colour because you can seamlessly combine the two without the need for two separate notebooks. The images are really pretty and nature-inspired making them perfect for calming you down and settling you and they feel very positive so they won’t have any adverse effects on your mental health. There are spaces around some of the designs where you could add your own doodles and creations but these are by no means necessary and the pages all look finished without the need for doodles. The line thickness is consistent throughout and is thin, verging on spindly thin so you definitely need good (but not perfect) vision and fine motor control to get the most out of this book. Of course, you could just leave the images blank and use it as a pretty notebook though that would be a little bit heart-breaking for me, this is a colouring blog afterall! The images are intricate and detailed and pretty consistent throughout, there aren’t many large open spaces so any blending and shading you might want to do will probably be over the lines using them as texture underneath, rather than within the lines. You will need a fair amount of concentration but the images aren’t huge so they don’t take days and days to complete and you could easily complete them alongside your journaling so that once you get to the end of the notebook the whole thing is completed and you have a beautiful keepsake.

I would highly recommend the Zoombook colouring notebook for anyone who is a stationery addict, anyone who loves to journal and anyone who really wants a pretty colouring notebook to write in for whatever reason. The images are beautiful, floral and natural and will bring a lovely splash of colour to your writing and the binding feels luxurious and hard-wearing so it’ll cope with weeks of journaling. The Zoombook is available from their website and if you’re a first time buyer you even get a discount currently! Postage is fairly high but all in for one notebook it’s under $17 plus a discount takes it down even further and if you buy more than one at once it’ll obviously work out cheaper so head there now and get a copy for yourself! https://www.zoombook.com/colouring-notebook/

The image below was coloured using Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners and the cherries were coloured using Lyra Remrandt Polycolors.

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