Dragon World Adult Coloring Book – A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.
Adult Coloring Book: Dragon World is published by Blue Star and illustrated by Mark Coyle and was kindly sent to me by them to review. This book is ideal for any dragon-lovers and it really does exactly what it says, it includes loads of images of different dragons. The book itself is A4, paperback and glue-bound meaning a little of each image is lost into the spine. The illustrations are printed single-sided so there are no issues with bleeding and they are all portrait-oriented designs. The paper is bright white, medium thickness and lightly textured so it’s great for pens and pencils. The images are all drawn by one illustrator so the book has a very cohesive feel, the dragons are pictured alone, in groups, on mountains, flying, in space, and they are all drawn to look like different species, in different poses. Many are winged, some are not, some are fire-breathing, some are three-headed, some are scaly, others are smooth or horned, there really is a very wide variety so it doesn’t get boring at any point despite all 34 images being dragon-themed.

In terms of mental health, the content itself won’t have much bearing on it but if you’re a fan of dragons then you’re sure to really enjoy colouring this book. The line thickness is consistent throughout and is a medium/thin line meaning this book is ideal for those of you who don’t have perfect vision or fine motor control because you’ll be able to stay within the line without much difficulty. The images do have varying levels of intricacy and detail but they range from basic to under an intermediate level meaning it’s suitable for anybody, you’d be able to colour the blocks solidly or use it to really hone your blending and shading skills with your coloured pencils to practice colouring with light sources, colour changes, detail and textures. This book would suit anyone from beginners to advanced colourists and because the gaps are fairly large, you don’t need amazing concentration levels so this would be ideal for bad days and good days. You could even add your own detailing to some of the plainer dragons and practice your zentangle patterns and doodle anything you fancy on them from scales to feathers or even stars and hearts. The dragons are drawn in quite a realistic style (yes, I know, dragons aren’t real but if they were, they’d look like this), they’ve not been made ‘pretty’ so this is definitely a book for male or female colourers alike. This would be an ideal book for some of you ladies to try and lure your men-folk into colouring with!

I’d highly recommend this book for dragon-lovers, the fact that the images are printed one-sided makes it ideal for using any colouring mediums you fancy. This is a great book for practising your colouring techniques over large spaces and sections and would be ideal for male or female, beginner all the way up to advanced colourers. If you like dragons, you’ll love this!

If you’d like to purchase a copy, it’s available here:
Amazon UK – Adult Coloring Book: Dragon World

The image below was coloured using Marco Raffine Coloured Pencils.

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