Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom: 50 Colouring in Postcards – A Review

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Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Postcard Box is published by Batsford Books and is part of my personal collection. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Millie’s work and this set of postcards doesn’t disappoint! They come in a lovely presentation box made of very thick card and covered in the same bright blue colour inside and out as the spine of the original edition of Animal Kingdom (you can read my review of that book here and the deluxe edition here) and a scaled down version of the cover, complete with gold foiling, on the front. There are two sets of postcards, one including 30 postcards and the larger set containing 50 which is the set I’m reviewing here (do check listings carefully to make sure you’re getting the set you want). As stated before, this set contains 50 postcards, I expected there to be a fair few duplicates but actually all of the postcards are different and only 3 of them are in pairs of the same original image from the book but in a different orientation. Some of the postcards are portrait, others are landscape. Some are of the whole original image scaled down and others are of sections of the original image at the original size so there is a real variety of intricacy levels from intricate to VERY intricate – the majority of the postcards are the same size as the originals. None of the images look impossible to colour like other postcards sets have been found to be so don’t be put off, you’ll just need a good set of fineliners or sharp pencils. The postcards are all standard postcard size and are printed onto bright white, smooth, thick card which didn’t bleed or shadow at all when I used my water-based pens. The back is left completely blank with no address lines or anything and just the name of the book in the bottom left hand corner. These postcards would be ideal to send or frame or even be used for craft projects!

In terms of mental health, as with all of Millie’s illustrations, they are really calming and great for dealing with anxiety and low mood. Because all of the images are natural and animal based, they are great for relaxing you and the intricacy and detail levels are perfect for keeping you absorbed in the task and distracted from any difficult thoughts or feelings you may be having. The images used are a wonderful selection from the original images and I didn’t notice any of my personal favourites missing. The size of each image means that colouring one doesn’t have to take days and you could easily finish one in a couple of hours with pens or take a little more time with pencils and really get blending and shading. You could even practice some backgrounds on some of the images with larger open spaces. These postcards are definitely for those of you with good vision and fine motor control, as with Millie’s books, they’re very detailed and the linework is thin so there isn’t much room for error however, they’re perfectly colourable for those of you that can cope with detail and thin lines and they’re ideal for those of you who are already fans of Millie’s work as they absolutely don’t disappoint. The postcards have a multitude of uses and can be coloured and kept in their beautiful presentation box, sent to friends and family (in an envelope to protect them whilst in the post), framed coloured or even uncoloured in single or multiple frames and could be incorporated into craft projects. They’re much more versatile than a book and there’s no need to worry about bleed-through because not only are they printed on thick card, they’re also single-sided. If you already have Millie’s books, these are the same illustrations as Animal Kingdom, with no new additions, however, they don’t feel samey and are a really beautiful, new way of presenting the images and their versatility means that they’re almost given a new lease of life. These postcards weren’t sent to me by the publisher, I bought them out of my own pocket despite already having bought Animal Kingdom and the Deluxe Edition of Animal Kingdom and I love all 3 items in their own right. They’re all truly beautiful and each have their own merits. You can read my reviews of the two versions of the book below and there are links to buy them too as well as these postcards.

I can’t recommend these postcards highly enough. I don’t know the difference between the 30 set and 50 set so I can’t advise whether getting both would be a good idea because it may be the case that the 50 set has 20 new images in comparison to the 30 set or they could both be completely different. My personal recommendation would be to get this, the larger set, because you’re getting so many more postcards for not a lot more money. The whole product feels luxurious from the gold foiling on the front to the blue coloured inside and the golden ribbon that you can lift out the postcards with. The postcards are printed very crisply and no corners have been cut in production. This is a beautiful item that I’m so glad I splashed out on.

You can purchase the box of 50 postcards here:
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Book Depository Worldwide –

Animal Kingdom original edition
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Animal Kingdom Deluxe Edition
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Amazon UK – Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Deluxe Edition: A Colouring Book Adventure
Book Depository Worldwide –

The image below was coloured using Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners.

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