The One and Only Enormous Colouring Book for Adults

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The One and Only Enormous Colouring Book for Adults (One and Only Colouring) is published and was kindly sent to me for review by Phoenix Yard Books. This book has card covers and is genuinely enormous at slightly larger than A3 – the biggest book I’ve seen and significantly larger than Secret Garden Artist’s Edition. This book has single-sided images that are perforated meaning you can easily remove them before or after colouring (I’d recommend removing before colouring unless you have a large table to colour at because this book is huge when open!) and can then be framed or stuck up on the wall if you so choose. This book has been specifically created so that you can colour socially with friends or family around the kitchen table and the pictures are so large that there will be plenty of space for you all to sit around comfortably without bashing into each other. The pages are made from thick, white, smooth paper which didn’t bleed when using Staedtler fibre-tips or Stabilo fineliners, not that bleeding matters given that there is no image on the reverse so you can break out the alcohol markers and go to town. The images are all printed to the edges of the page with no border but nothing is lost into the spine because the pages are perforated (do be very careful when removing pages because perforations can be a little temperamental and could rip without care).

This book contains 30 images, mostly consisting of patterns some of which are swirling, others abstract and some more nature inspired. There are also a number of animal-themed and floral themed images all filled with lots of zentangle style patterns. One thing to note is that the image on the front is not included inside, this isn’t an issue but it’s always good to know! The images are drawn in a variety of line thicknesses from thin to really really thick so there is definitely something for everyone and it also means that they’re suitable for using with any age child and they’ll still be able to colour within the lines with mum and dad. The images aren’t scenes, they’re all pattern style so each of you can sit and work on a corner and either make it match or go all out and try and outdo each other and see what you all create with the same pattern and different colours or even different mediums (see what my boyfriend and I coloured together a few nights ago below). There is a large variance in levels of detail and intricacy throughout the pictures so you can work on the teeny tiny bits with adults and focus on the less detailed pictures when colouring with children or people who have poorer vision or fine motor control. This book is a great all-rounder and you’re sure to find something to suit all of the people you want to colour with.

In terms of mental health, this book is ideal because it brings a social aspect to colouring which you’re probably already hooked on by now. You may have friends who’ve never tried it before who you want to convert or friends who are avid colourers who you just want to work together with on a project – either way, this book is great for working together to create a beautiful image that can be displayed and remind you that you’re supported and cared about as well as brightening up your walls on dark days. The images are ideal for just zoning out and focusing on colouring rather than putting the right colour in the right place in scenic images.

I would highly recommend this book for those of you who would like to colour socially or create giant works of art for your walls. You won’t find a larger book on the market and the sheer variety of images, line thickness, levels of detail and intricacy is astounding and great if you have a fluctuating condition or want to use the book to colour with children and adults. Get the pens, pencils, pastels and paints out and get creative! You can order a copy via Amazon here The One and Only Enormous Colouring Book for Adults (One and Only Colouring)

The images below were coloured using PanPastels (fish picture) and Staedtler triplus fibre-tips and Stabilo Point 88 fineliners (pattern picture).

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