Guest Post – Tangle Wood Book Launch

Hi, I’m Joe, Lucy’s partner, and I’m writing this because last night I went to a book launch for Tangle Wood, on Lucy’s behalf. She was sent the invitation a little while ago and I knew she was upset about not being able to attend so we decided I could go in her place to thank Jessica Palmer (illustrator of Tangle Wood) and Search Press Publishers for the book and their publicity in regularly sharing her review.

On arrival at Shepherd’s Bookbinders in London, I was presented with a glass of bubbles and quickly managed to strike up a conversation with a member of Search Press, who turned out to be Lucy’s email contact; she was also the person who found Lucy’s blog originally and requested the review. It’s always nice to put a face to a name! When I told her I was representing Colouring In The Midst Of Madness, she instantly knew who Lucy was and remembered the review she’d written. I was then taken straight over to Jessica and introduced as being related to “that review you really like”. Jessica told me how much she liked the review and how much it means knowing that something she has created is helping someone. I felt such pride at knowing how much other people love Lucy’s review and knowing how happy those comments would make her.

It was then speech time, which was mostly what you’d expect from a speech, Jessica’s backstory, interests, and what led her to where she is now – creating a papercutting book and the first of two adult colouring books. When she started talking about her target colourers – primarily female, stressed out people who lead busy lives and are looking for something to help them calm and de-stress, she mentioned me (which I was not expecting) and asked me to talk about Lucy’s conditions and how colouring has helped her. I explained about Lucy’s anxiety and how she wouldn’t have coped with London (I barely cope with London) and that colouring helps her to calm down, at which point, thankfully, she took the speech back over and went on to finish thanking people.

I spent the rest of the evening mingling, chatting to Jessica’s family, a couple of her friends from the BBC and the lovely people from Search Press. I then got chatting to the Store Manager who was hosting the event about how you forget old-fashioned bookbinding stores even still exist and I was surprised by the sheer number of different types of white paper and binding styles – no wonder adult colouring books are so varied with this amount of choice available.

The evening wound down and as everybody was making their way home, I ended up walking back to the station feeling very proud of Lucy and happy that I went because I had a really nice time. The people from Search Press and Jessica were all lovely, kind and friendly and I’m looking forward to Lucy hopefully being invited to the next book launch for Tangle Bay which we’re working towards her being able to attend herself.

If you’d like to read Lucy’s highly regarded review of Tangle Wood, you can find it here.

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