Star deSigns: A Review

Claire Whitelam of Blacksummer Colouring kindly sent me a hard copy of her beautiful 12-image colouring book. This book is available for purchase from Etsy either as a digital download or as the same hard copy as I was sent, both of which can be found here. There are 13 images, one of each star sign and a front cover, all of which are loose pages making it really easy to colour without having to deal with giant books and thick unbendable spines. The images are A5 size and have a thin border all the way around so you don’t have to attempt to colour all the way up to the edges of the paper. The hard copy version is printed single-sided onto bright white, thick card and I had absolutely no issue with bleeding when using my Staedtler fibre-tips or fineliners, even when over-colouring or holding in place for longer than usual. The images are all drawn in the same cohesive style with the star sign in the middle and then beautiful, natural images and patterns around each one. The lines are a decent thickness – not so thin that one slip causes colour chaos, but also not so thick that they look blocky or heavy. The images are well suited to the use of pencils or markers or even a mixture of both and if you need inspiration of how to colour them then head over to Claire’s facebook page where there are plenty of pictures of finished versions to get your creative juices flowing.

I’ve never been into star signs or astrology but these colouring pages are really lovely to colour whether you’re into that or not and I found them very relaxing. The size of them means that it doesn’t take you days to complete each image so you get the satisfaction of completing one fairly quickly, assuming you can decide on which one to colour first! The fact that these images are loose means that once they’re coloured you could do all sorts of things with them rather than them being left in a drawer or in a colouring pile and one example would be to frame one or more or even give them to friends and family of each sign as a personalised gift. If you purchase the digital copy then you’d be able to print them off as many times as you like and colour them over and over again using all sorts of different colour schemes thus eliminating the anxiety of choosing the right colours and making sure you don’t regret your decision and “ruining” your pristine book. Printable colouring pages have a huge advantage for us anxious colourers as mistakes are no longer mistakes and can just be binned, re-printed and started again and often just knowing that you can do that will take away the worry and lead to stress-free colouring once more!

Star deSigns is ideal for the majority of you because you don’t need to have perfect vision, concentration or fine motor control to be able to enjoy colouring these designs. The line thickness and image size is perfect for those with a short attention span, who can’t be dealing with colouring countless teeny tiny leaves or spending days colouring double-page A4 spreads. If star signs aren’t for you but you like her style of illustrating then head over to her Etsy shop where there are plenty of other designs that might well take your fancy – my personal favourite is her Alice in Doodleland pages based on the story of Alice in Wonderland (my favourite story of all time).

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