Colour Yourself Calm: A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.

Colour Yourself Calm is written by Tiddy Rowan, illustrated by Paul Heussenstamm and published by Quadrille Publishing who very kindly sent me a copy to review. If you like mandalas then this is the ideal book for you with over 30 original designs contained within its pages. The book starts with a beginner’s guide to what mandalas are, their history, and uses and continues on to a brief guide to practising simple mindfulness techniques whilst colouring. The pages of the book consist of double page spreads of a full colour mandala on the left and a black outlined copy of the image on the right for you to add colour to as you wish. You can use the same colours as they have and focus on practising mindfulness techniques without the distraction of having to choose colour palettes and decide on what section should be coloured in your favourite colour, or you can put your own stamp on things and add whatever colours you fancy wherever they seem to fit, or even copy some parts and add your own style to others. The possibilities are endless but for those of you who struggle to choose colour schemes and become daunted by a blank page, this could be a great book for just being able to colour and use someone else’s choices instead of having to spend time contemplating and agonising. By their very nature, and the reason for their creation, mandalas are very calming and soothing to colour, it may be their circular shape, their often repetitive patterns, or the lack of sharp lines and corners, but whatever the reason, they are certainly good for creating a relaxing atmosphere and quieting those anxious or worrying thoughts. Because they often don’t include realistic images they can be coloured using whatever colours you are drawn to and this is actively encouraged at the start of the book to essentially just go with your gut when choosing which image to start and which colour to add where. The lines are a good thickness and do vary throughout so the book can be adapted to good and bad days of vision, concentration and fine motor control but none of the details are really tiny or intricate so most people will find this book a very safe bet for being able to colour at whatever level you’re at on any given day. The paper is bright white and really thick and there are no issues with bleeding, partly because the reverse of each blank mandala is a fully coloured one and also because the paper is great quality. For my image coloured below I used a mixture of fineliners and fibre-tips and had no issues with bleeding or the paper feathering even when I coloured over the same area a bit and the paper didn’t seem to get wet with my felt-tips which is often a problem with thinner paper. The book is almost A4 size and hardback which gives a great surface to colour onto particularly for those who don’t colour at a table and none of the images are lost into the spine. This book is high quality and feels quite luxurious. It gives a great basic guide to mindfulness so those of you who are complete beginners can start focusing on the breath and staying in the moment while you colour. The full colour images are really useful for nervous colourers or those who dislike making decisions and want the colour choices taking out of their hands and the paper quality makes this book a dream to colour in. I would highly recommend this book to mandala fans and those who are starting out on their mindfulness journey. This book really will help you to Colour Yourself Calm! If you would like to order yourself a copy then it’s currently retailing at £6.99 on Amazon Colour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring Book.

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